Simple explanations for complex conditions

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Autism is not a processing error, it is simply a different operating system that we need to learn to understand

Autism is a group of complex disorders of brain development that manifest in social problems, language abnormalities, and restricted, repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behaviour, interest or activity. Autism affects over two million individuals in the US, and tens of millions worldwide. Currently, 1-in-68 American children are on the autism spectrum, and 1-in-20 are considered to be at high risk for developing autism spectrum disorder.

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Brain Mapping Technology that makes understanding simple.

Understanding complex neurological conditions is difficult. Finding out what these conditions mean and understanding the best path forward is even harder. Patented NeuroAtlas brain mapping technology allows parents and therapists to better understand what a nerological condition means, and helps users to determine the useful options for targeted therapy.

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Technology developed in Louisville, KY

NeuroAtlas brain mapping software has been developed by top biomedical engineers, researchers, and neurologists in partnership with the University of Louisville. Our technology is backed by more than seven years of research and competitive trials. It is the latest technology that you can use to help target treatment, especially in children under two years of age.